Medical Appointments & Covid = Stress and Anxiety

Medical Appointments & Covid = Stress and Anxiety

Medical Appointment During Covid can be stressful and activate your anxiety.
Often it is unknown what to expect during your medical appointments, except that your wearing a mask when you attend, and you can’t exhibit any symptoms of a cold or allergies, you also can’t travel outside your state or for us who live on the northeast can’t travel outside of the Tri-States.When you walk through the lobby doors your so focus on keeping your social distance from others that, your not watching where your going. During this process your feeling a bit awkward around others, because we’ve become so busy trying not to make others so uncomfortable and a little paranoid about the off chance of you or them contracting the virus. Avoidance is our best defense. Right?
Then you approach the elevator, this tiny claustrophobic metal box. Even without the existence of Covid you don’t want to ride it. The door opens and it like 5 people on the elevator comfortably riding like sardines. Your mind says; No Thanks I will take the stairs.
You take two steps backwards and swing open the entrance door to the stairs and walk up the stairs and you feel as though your fighting for your last breath. Thoughts 💭 ? Possibly out of breath due to lack of activity in the last year,(Desperately in need of getting back to the Gym) or CORONA is that you?
Then you finally make it to your doctor office and your hit with temp check that everyone can see and hear and you pray that you don’t have the recommended temperatures that screams COVID ALERT COVID ALERT.When that Infrared thermometer reads 98.4 your normal there is this sigh of relief.
Then you scoot down to the next process. Going to the registration station where your met with a large plexiglass and chairs blocking you from moving closer to the counter where your use to leaning on to register or sign in. Instead your screaming your name, date of birth , or possibly telephone number or address. Which is uncomfortable because nothing is private anymore. You whisper your information, you’re asked to repeat it because your not being heard.Then you asked please pass me a paper and pen so you can write it down. Then your met with a look that screams WE GOT A LIVE HIGH MAINTENANCE PATIENT HERE.This one can’t just fall in line like the others.
You take deep breath’s, well as much as you can with your face mask. You sit and wait for your name to be called and when it’s called, your body is riddled with anxiety because of anticipation when you walk towards your private room.You walk in the room greeted with mask wearing requirements guidelines plastered on the walls and counter full of towels, hand sanitizer. Which was always there, but your perception is different . Now you feel the urge to use those items after touching anything.
Next thought what will the Doctor, Physicians Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner be like during this examination. Will they put your mind at ease or will increase the fear.
So far my experiences have been pleasant except I’m use to paying my medical bills in cash. Now they don’t accept cash in some offices. Now I have to go all the home and remember to send a check to pay the bill. It causes me a bit of anxiety because I tend to forget. It gives me pleasure to see the lower balance on my bill invoice. It’s weird I know!!
I hope everyone doctor visits is a pleasant experience. If your feeling anxiety pre-medical visit, do some breathworks. Anytime I’m stressed or anxiety sets in I do some breathing exercises to assist in helping me to a calming stage. One of the things you can do is take conscious breaths. You can reduce your tension quickly by focusing on your breaths. Take two deep breaths in your chest and abdomen, then exhale slowly. Breathing helps to generate extra oxygen circulating through your body, which encourages clear thoughts. Just a little tidbit!!
Remember to Take deep breaths

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