Exercise Equals Less Depression Stress and Anxiety

Exercise Equals Less Depression Stress and Anxiety

You know as well as I do that exercise is productive activity in getting our bodies fit.
Did you know exercise also eases the symptoms of depression , stress, and anxiety.

I know when your depressed, your immobile and unmotivated, exercising is the last thing you want to do. Believe me, I know that exact feeling.

However, I also know first hand the benefits of working out to reduce the symptoms of depression.

During my workouts, I am able to think clearly. I often schedule myself to put in at least 30 minutes a day for workout. This takes place whether I’m in the gym or at home or even at work. If your schedule is as busy as mine, you don’t always have time to get in your car and head to the gym.
Often people find that they need a little support when trying to maintain a healthy living. I have an Apple Watch workout buddy to help out with that.

My friend Raq and I often compete in our workouts. When neither of us feel like working out we motivate each other to do it anyway. We both admit to how good we feel after the exercise. It sets the tone for how our day or night will turn out. Workout with a buddy increases your chance of fulfilling that workout task for the day. It does not hurt to bring someone in your exercise journey to keep you motivated. That way your more likely complete your workout routines.

Post workout I feel better mentally, physically and I’m more conscious of what I eat.

Get your workout on!!

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