May is Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness

It’s time to Check-in with your mental health.

During the month of May it is Mental Health Awareness month. I always felt that this is the month that you should check-in with yourself or even loved ones. Especially if you have not done it during the course of the year. Do so now, give your self some time to process your thoughts as you recall what you have been feeling. Give your self time to think about things that have affected you and how your going through them and continue to do so.

Do your own mental health exam. There are websites that provide those resources. Are there behaviors or thoughts that you do or have that is a concern for you? Write them down, prepare your list for a therapeutic visit.. Research a therapist and schedule an appointment with one that you think best fits your needs. Here are some quick ways to test yourself.

Do you notice your experiencing excessive paranoia, anxiety, worry, are you dealing with depression. Are you dealing with moods, or social withdrawals. Although within this last year we have not been as social as usual, do you continue work, what are your relationships like. Do you connect with friends and family. Are you excited about the anticipation of reuniting with friends or family again. Does the very thought cause you extreme anxiety? These are the things to observe. Before going to the doctor or therapists.

I’m going to stop here for now.

I hope you and your loves are safe and healthy.

Until we meet again!

❤️ MJC

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