MJC Intro

MJC Intro


my name is Dee and welcome to Mommie Juice Chronicles, MJC . It has been one of my passions to provide a platform to discuss topics all about women from my perspective and some of my close friends, work acquaintances, family members and some of my social media friends. Women do it all, however we do not do the same things. We often lumped into the same mold. Some of us stay home, provide care for our families and provide a host of other qualities. Some women, are nurses and doctors, lawyers, life coaches, midwives, doulas, mental health professional, professional cook, personal trainers, and one of my favorite Sexual Health and relationship experts. We are care givers, organizers, financial supporters, some women are the mom and dad.

Topics will be on Motherhood, Mental Health, Relationship and Sexual Health, and Weight loss Journey’s.  I know they say stick to one topic on your blog or it will get loss in the sea of blogs, how will yours standout. Well I don’t know how this blog will stand out or where it will rate in the sea of all other blogs. All I know is I feel passionate about speaking about my journey and journey of other women. We experience a multitude of obstacles, so one topic is not enough for what the vagina carriers endure.

I also think its important to recognize that we are different just as much as we are the same. We do not all act, believe, or think the same things, my perception is not her perception, or your perception. This is a platform to share some experiences that may be helpful to others or open minds. I hope this blog inspires, motivate and encourage womanhood. Think about how the world should relate to the vagina club.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride. Occasionally I may let you drive!

Love MJC.