Dream Expressions

Dream Expressions


Dreams are believed to be our unconscious desires or conflicts that we have not worked out in our real world. The recognition of dreams goes back thousands of years. There are papyrus documents dating back 2000 years BC from the Egyptian community that discuss dream interpretations. Tribal high priest, shaman and medicine men used dreams to foretell their fortunes. The Greeks trusted dreamers because it was believed it was their connection to the Gods. It was called Oneiromancy. It derived from the Greek word oneiros meaning dream and manteia meaning divination. Sigmund Freud, believed in your unconscious state and your disguised thoughts. When your in the state of REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) it the dream state. You dreams become most vivid and bizarre. I think dreams are something to remember whether they are tragic, adventurous, erotic or like rom com movie. I say keep a note pad near your night stand or table to jot down all you could remember from your dream. It allows you to . It allows you to be aware of your overall mood and theme. It’s a way to process your thoughts or your day.


As I read about dreams I’m not sure where I would fall in place with my dreams. I have had several significant dreams that were affecting others as well as myself. I do not recall dreams from childhood. At least not at this point in my life. The dream I I had to give the most attention was in 2007. I decided to take off from work that day, I just did not feel like myself, something was off. After I took my son to school, I came home for late morning nap. I remember waking up and calling my mother to tell my mother about a dream I had about my brother in-law.

I told my mother that I just had a dream about Charles. He was dressed in all blue. Which I thought was just his MTA uniform for the NYC transit authority. I really did not pay attention what he was wearing the message in the dream was startling to me. Charles told me to watch after my sister Gail. She was going to need me. Please try to take care of her. I immediately called my mom because I was scared about my sister’s health. My first thought was she was extremely sick.  My mom said well Gail diabetes got worse now she is on insulin, it’s nothing extreme as long as she takes care of herself and consume the right meals in her diet. I let out a sigh of relief.  My mother talk for a little longer than she received a call from my sister that someone was trying to get in touch with her they need her to call a certain number. My mother hung up the phone with me and called that number. My mother called me back and asked me to try the number she tried earlier she could not get through. I called the number for her and this guy answered he told me his name and stated that he worked with Charles. I stated that I was his sister-in-law, I am his wife sister. He asked me to hold on to speak with someone. It all went kind of blank to me who the individual was that took over the phone call. He stated that I’m very sorry to inform you that Charles is deceased he died earlier while working at his shift in MTA. They believed it was a heart attack. My heart sank, I was devasted. I had to inform my sister that her husband was dead. Not the police, not the ER doctor, or hospitalist, ME, ME, ME. I had to crush my sister’s world. I called my mom first, after I said Ma, she could tell in the way I said Ma with my frail shaky voice that he was gone.  I explained that he died while operating the A train. They were at a stop in Queens NY. His work partner asked him to close the train doors. He never responded. The partner walked down to the subway car, and found him unresponsive.  He died in between train stops. I began to help my sister as best as I could, during her grief. I made all of the  funeral arrangements and completed documentation she needed from MTA his place of employment. They fought her every step of the way in receiving beneficiary funds.

I don’t want I make this a long post. Later I will post another two dreams, I thought was interesting.

Thanks for coming along for the ride


One thought on “Dream Expressions

  1. Wow! I can’t even begin to imagine not only tying what occurred from your dream to real life. But then also having to come to grips with processing that and being the bearer of tragic news.


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