Birth Name

Birth Name

You may be wondering how the name Mommie Juice Chronicles was birth. When my little girl was about 6 or 7, she watch me pour some wine into a glass. The first thing she notice was the smell. The fruity aroma of sparkling peach Moscato, was enticing to her olfactory senses. She asked me if she could have some. I replied; this drink is for adults only, honey not for children. I went on to say, it’s for mommies . My daughter then look at me with this curious stare and said, so your drinking Mommie juice. I turned toward her and started cracking up, and said yes Kenzie I’m drinking Mommie juice. Every time I have a glass of wine she ask if I’m drinking Mommie Juice. Kids say the cutest things, well sometimes!!!

Mommie Juice

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