The Beginnings Of Mommie Juice Chronicles

The Beginnings Of Mommie Juice Chronicles

The Beginnings Of Mommie juice Chronicles

Working in a field of minds and emotions can cause burnout. I was building this case of chronic stress and fatigue. I have always had the drive and ambition to be knowledgeable and successful at any job or career choice I made. I’ve worked in financial, transportation, and retail industry. I always reached my goals, skilled in completing my tasks, always came highly recommended to train others, and worked in various management positions. But, none of those jobs were full-filling. Then I entered the land of mental health. I realized that this field fit me the best and very passionate about it. I started in what I called the beginning stage of mental health field residential and work my way through to other facets. When your in this field over a decade it can take a toll.

Work life and family life at times collided in various positions of the field. I had to make some changes. I was stress and tired, and constantly working crazy hours to fulfill work obligations and pay my bills of course. It’s funny that I could not recognize my own burnout and chronic stress. I never considered that my own needs were not being met, depression came in stages, it started two blocks away, turned to my corner of my block, then knocked on my door, and busted through my world with no warning; or was there a warning. Here’s depression uninvited, invading my life taking over my mood and then I realized it has been with me all the time. Even before mental health field as I look back at other jobs and attending school, it was there I didn’t recognize it. I didn’t make time to address it or find and outlet to deal with it. I was clueless to my own warnings signs.

Here I am today with various coping skills, I journal, I began photography again one of my first loves, then sewing and crafting. You Tube became an addiction. Lol.

Blogging has always been an interest no better time to start. This is like my own therapy homework. I have procrastinated for months then I decided what best time to start was on a New Year, especially with all that going on in world.

I’m not a professional writer, just wanted to make that clear. A professor once said to me. I write like I speak. Why thank you I said. But I know it was not meant as a compliment.

So sit back and enjoy the ride! Occasionally I may let you drive!

Love MJC

Disclosure: I’m not presenting information from a professional perspective this is my own personal perspective and experiences on life. The Information posted here is not to be construed as legally binding advice on any topic I chose. I can only speak from my own experiences and my experiences of speaking with others. My experiences alone.

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